Crave Theatre Company

Becca Wicks

Board Member

In 1990, at the age of 37, Crave Theatre Board Member Becca Wicks moved from Illinois to Portland Oregon to start a new “life adventure”. And what an adventure it’s been!

As a business woman who co-owns a NW Portland hair salon, operates an equestrian focused video production company, teaches horseback riding and carriage driving plus works part-time as a guide for a local winery tour company, she brings her “down to earth…reality check” way of thinking to the board.

Her interest in theatre started at a somewhat early age acting in several junior high and high school theatre productions. So, when Becca’s partner ask her if she would like to go to some of his daughter’s theatre productions, she was excited to see some local theatre in more “intimate” settings. And when Sarah Andrews ask he to be part of the Crave Theatre family, it gave her the chance to get involved in theatre once again.


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