Jessica Tidd in Crossing (2018)                          Maia McCarthy and Kylie Jenifer Rose in Red by John Logan (2019)                         

Todd Van Voris in Thom Pain (based on     nothing) by Will Eno (2017)

Crave Theatre Company is a nonprofit Portland Fringe Theatre that unifies communities through theatrical productions that reflect contemporary issues, offers educational programming that promotes personal expression, and provides opportunities to artists to develop new works that address societal concerns.

Up Next:

Our artistic team for "Bad World" is currently working on a cast recording of this new devised musical! Keep an eye out for updates about this exciting new album.

Black Lives Matter

Here at Crave, we value diverse stories, voices, and opinions, and our hearts break for the continued discrimination demonstrated against people of color, including the murder of innocent black citizens. 

For our part, we are currently educating ourselves so that we can be better allies and we have re-visted our equity practices so that we can take intentional steps to be more inclusive.


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