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Shift by Cuream Jackson

Cuream Jackson brings you “Shift”, a biographical montage depicting pivotal moments of change throughout his life as a queer black male. He presents 4 acts from varying disciplines to take you on the journey through his experience. These poignant acts are framed by spoken word that showcases his experience in carving out space for himself in today’s society.


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You are Here

Mark your calendar! Ten, Tiny, Talks’s “You Are Here” live gallery show at Q Center (4115 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97217), including “Say Bye” by Kalisto Nanen and Zeloszelos Marchandt opens on October 21st and runs through the 31st. Did we mention admission to this in-person show is FREE? The gallery is open to the public from 2:30-7:30 pm on weekdays, from 12pm-5pm on October 23rd and 24th. Q center requests that you call ahead on weekends: (503) 234-7837.

“Say Bye” includes a Ghanaian fantasy coffin and culminates in a time-based-art exhibit on October 31st with a Southern-style funeral processional/parade to celebrate All Hallows, celebrate life and close out the Ten, Tiny, Talks 2021 program. We will begin gathering for the march at Q Center at 4pm on October 31st and marching at 5pm.

“You Are Here” is a time based art and multidisciplinary experience, exploring grief, joy, temperance and healing. People from the community are invited to visit the installation and add momentos to loved ones (and beloved moments) both living and past. In addition to “Say Bye,” “You Are Here” includes “Mad Ethereal”– an excerpt from Cloud Stokely’s full-length tarot-inspired music and video series (to be released in December), and “Big River Art,” a regalia and artwork exhibit from Nick Labonte.

Unable to attend the free in-person show? Never fear! Virtual tickets to our 360 gallery and artist talkbacks can be purchased here! Access starts October 30th!

survivors of sexual assault.

Crave Theatre Company

Bad World: A New Musical

Bad World is a new devised musical with lyrics by Kylie Jenifer Rose and Jennifer Provenza, and music by James Liptak and Kylie Jenifer Rose. The book is by Kylie Jenifer Rose, James Liptak, Jennifer Provenza, Rachael Singer, Michael Cavazos, Ashley Mellinger, Maya Maria Brown, and Zeloszelos Marchandt.

Inspired by a true story, Bad World follows the coming-of-age journey of Rose, an ambitious young woman who is sexually assaulted in Paris after completing her research project. Upon her return to the United States, she must face how her trauma affects how she lives her life, as her recovery experience becomes interwoven with those of three other survivors of sexual assault.

Bad World aspires to give a voice to the experience of survivors and by sharing, validate the onerous journey of coping with and overcoming the past. 

Keep an eye out for the album release in April and for full performance announcements (once it is safe for us to meet for live theatre).

Book by Kylie Jenifer Rose, James Liptak, Jennifer Provenza, Rachael Singer, Michael Cavazos, Ashley Mellinger, Maya Maria Brown, and Zeloszelos Marchandt
Music by James Liptak and Kylie Jenifer Rose
Lyrics by Kylie Jenifer Rose and Jennifer Provenza
Directed by Rachael Singer and Michael Cavazos
Music Consulted by Andrew Bray
Featuring Kylie Jenifer Rose, Zeloszelos Marchandt, Maya Maria Brown, and Ashley Mellinger

Bad World

Q&A with The Cast

Maya Maria Brown
Author, Actor

QUESTION: How has working on the show impacted you in a positive way?

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