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Ten, Tiny, Talks

A celebration of Black & Indigenous Trans and Queer art

Crave Theatre is pleased to partner with T&A Grand Theater in 2022 to produce another season of Ten Tiny Talks, an artist in residency and festival celebrating Black and Indigenous trans and queer art! Scroll Down to learn how to apply

Founded and directed by Zeloszelos Marchandt, Ten, Tiny, Talks furthers the revolutionary act and ceremony of trans and queer self love in a season of ten performances for and by Black and Indigenous queer and trans folx. Ten, Tiny, Talks supports trans and queer people sharing their stories, heritage and trans/queercestry.

Zeloszelos Marchandt has been called a tapestry of an individual. An interdisciplinary artist, public speaker and journalist (originally from Nashville, TN) based in the NW his writings, vocals, circus theater, drag and visual art have taken him coast to coast and abroad. His repertoire and interests cover a diverse scope that involves strong classical fundamentals with a healthy departure from tradition, in favor of techniques geared towards adaptation. Previous appearances have been with The Portland Opera, Opera Theater Oregon, Caravan Productions, Wanderlust Circus, Sky Circus, Sir Cupcakes Queer Circus, Festival of the French Wood’s Circus and Broadway program, The Umbrella Festival, Boyuerism, Carvan of Glam and more. 

Ten, Tiny, Talks


Resident Artists will be expected to complete at least one artistic project between May and October of 2022 to be presented through Ten, Tiny, Talks. Our curation team will consider all forms of art, from circus, to photography to one act plays, time-based art, painting, sculpture, vogue competitions, and beyond. 

Resident Artists must be able to, by their own means, travel to or reside in the Portland, Oregon area OR be able to participate remotely if that is a barrier.  Resident Artists will be encouraged to participate in meet and greets and mixers with other artists in the Pacific Northwest (and beyond) to build a strong network of mentorship, opportunity and success. Resident Artists will receive a minimum of a $1200 honorarium after their piece is completed and a small budget of $500 for supplies. 

The Ten, Tiny, Talks residency is intended for Black, Indigenous, Queer and Trans artists. Ten, Tiny, Talks understands that to be Black, Indigenous and gifted is to be in a rage almost all the time and no paper is required as proof of our identities to each other. We acknowledge that gender is a spectrum and the word “transgender” is one that describes an infinite possibility of identities and experiences. This includes agender, fluidity, two-spirit, and intersex worlds on top of the future incarnation of names or words that we may choose to call ourselves, regardless of how someone was assigned at birth. We recognize that comfort in our bodies and our worlds is one of the most important birthrights and that dysphoria is not a necessary qualifier for being Queer or Trans. By applying, the applicant claims Black and/or Indigenous heritage and also identifies as Queer and or Trans.

If you are not Black, Indigenous, Queer or Trans, you can support our mission by promoting what we do and encouraging people that qualify to apply. Another way you can be involved and support Ten, Tiny, Talks is by donating to us through Crave Theater, becoming a community sponsor or volunteering.

Ten, Tiny, Talks


Applications for our 2022 residency can be submitted via email to tentinytalks@gmail.com until 11:59pm on February 28th, 2022. Submissions should follow the guidelines posted in the “Application Materials” section below. We will review applications as they come in and will contact selected finalists via email to coordinate a Zoom interview (no longer than 30 minutes). Finalist interviews will be scheduled between February and March of 2022. If you are a troupe, only one person needs to be present for the final interview. Decisions will be made by the second week of March in 2022 and the results will be sent by email. Resident Artists will receive a minimum of a $1200 honorarium after their piece is completed and a small supply budget of $500.

Application Materials:

Please include, as one pdf document:

1) Your bio/artist profile

2) A resume (if you have one)

3) Your headshot and/or body shot

4) Your responses to the questions listed below.


Please feel free to include links/web addresses to your work and add samples of your work as long as they do not exceed 25MB (no google drive links). Application materials should be sent to tentinytalks@gmail.com by 11:59pm on February 28th, 2022.




Please describe what you would like to have produced, performed, exhibited or presented at Ten, Tiny, Talks in 2022 by answering the following prompts below:

Title of Your Piece (If available):

Medium of your Piece (visual art, theatre, aerial art, drag, etc.):

At least 3 words or adjectives that describe your work 

(ex: Fierce. Sensual. Brazen)

Describe your project.  What is it about and what will you be exploring and how will you be exploring it? (400 words max)

Where do you find inspiration? (100 words max) 

 If the sky was the limit, what would you like the future to look like? (there are no wrong answers here) 

Are there any partners or other artists you will be working with? If so, please provide us with a bio of your artistic partners. Each bio should be no more than 100 words in length. 

Supplementary materials (optional):

Please feel free to include any and all additional material you feel is relevant to your application. No more than 10 additional materials and please with one to two sentences, let us know what we are looking at. 

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