About the Program


Playground ProgramPlayGround is an educational program for playwrights to get a feel for how their script works off of the page, and to receive feedback for further developing their play. For each playwright selected for the PlayGround Program, Crave Theatre Company will facilitate one informal reading of the script by actors so that the playwright can hear their work spoken aloud; this reading may be either a private event or a public event depending on the level of script development.
If it becomes clear that a public reading is needed for your script, we will hold a minimum of two rehearsals with the actors prior to the reading.
We further offer script feedback from Crave Theatre Company’s co-founders, and are happy to facilitate a post-reading talkback with the actors and/or audience members if desired.

Please note that acceptance into the PlayGround Program is not a commitment to produce and stage your script; PlayGround is focused on education and script-development.

For more information, please contact us at: info@cravetheatre.org

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