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Crave uses theatre to connect more deeply with our local communities and to unify communities through inclusive theatrical productions that reflect contemporary issues, offer educational programming that promotes personal expression, and provide opportunities to artists to develop new works that address societal concerns.

About the Program

Words of the Wise

Words of the Wise“What was the one thing you wish you would have known before becoming an independent artist?” is the founding question for this web series. Every month we will pick a new topic to cover that will help young artists better prepare for a career in the arts. We hope this series can help you open doors in your future as paid artists.

Words of the Wise is a monthly web series for individuals pursuing a career in the arts. Through interviews with working professionals, Words of the Wise provides a wealth of knowledge and advice for beginning artists so that they can learn from the experience of experts.

Discussing everything from taxes, race, self-advocacy, to what it looks like to be an independent contractor (and more!), Words of the Wise aspires to make sure that artists know their rights and have the know-how to be successful in the creative industry.

Do you have a question about a career in the arts? Contact us! We may discuss your question in a future Words of the Wise video.

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